Why is an Apprenticeship Program a Competitive Advantage?

  • Manufacturing is enjoying a rebound as the economy recovers and corporations move jobs back onshore
  • Finding skilled employees is the number one problem most manufacturers report
  • Students and parents are pushing back against high costs of post-secondary education and burdensome loansapprentice5
  • Precision Machining cannot be learned solely in a classroom
  • On the job training as a full time employee while attending supporting classes is the best way to master a complex skill
  • AZPMAP Apprentice program is the best way to build your future workforce…your Competitive Advantage
  • AZPMAP….Competing for With Talent


What is unique about AZMAP’s program?

  • Having a Central Administrator to do the ‘heavy lifting’ of reporting and tracking brings apprenticeship into the reach of small companies
  • Web based reporting system makes it easy for apprentice and employer  to track hours and training
  • AZ Job Training Fund grants help offset costs for small (<100) employers
  • AZPMAP markets program to CTE high schools, JTEDS, general public
  • AZPMAP tests, screens and interviews applicants to  provide the best candidates
  • Apprentices get NIMS Level 1 Safety Training prior to first day

 What is my Commitment?

  • Employers must designate one experienced employee as the trainer for any two apprentices and must pay for the 'train the trainer' class.
  • Employers must rotate apprentices through different jobs in order to cover all competency areas for a particular job code.
  • Hiring an apprentice is like a marriage, it can be dissolved but should be entered into with the intention of making it permanent.
  • Employers must require apprentices and their trainers to report hours on the website.                                                 




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